About me

I am a lawyer by training and a technologist by inclination. This blog contains my musings on law, technology and the intersection of the two.

I've just joined an innovative new law firm, Juno Legal. At Juno, one of my key responsibilities is helping lawyers to design and implement systems to help them be more effective and work more enjoyably. Before Juno, I've been a lawyer in private practice, worked for a hedge fund, and had a couple of stints in the public sector. My legal practice includes ICT contracting, commercial law, public law, financial regulation, and derivatives, securities and other financial instruments.

I am a keen follower of NewLaw trends, including alternative service models, alternative legal sourcing, and the impact of technology on both private practice and in-house lawyers. If you want to get in touch with me about anything on this site, you can find me on LinkedIn.

This blog is entirely my own thoughts and doesn't represent the views of any of my employers, past or present.